Gridfinity 4x (6U,9U &12U) Lidded Bins version 2.2

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Gridfinity 4x (6U,9U &12U) Lidded Bins version 2.2


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These are the latest version (v 2.2) of my lidded Gridfiniy bins, with several improvements over the 1st version. These include the following improvements and new elements:

  • Fully redesigned bins with a more efficient use of material
  • Slightly larger opening for the doors
  • New tab option for the sliding latches
  • New grid option to allow stacking 1x1 bins on the larger 2x and 3x bin models.
  • No supports needed (same as the v1.0 models)
  • Additional bin sizes added
  • Label “chips” which can be used with the grid option (new with v2.2)

Included here are 2 sizes of Gridfinity bins with latching lids (in 3 heights):


6U Bins:

  • 4x4 6U
  • 4x5 6U

9U Bins:

  • 4x4 9U
  • 4x5 9U

12U Bins:

  • 4x4 12U
  • 4x5 12U

There are 2 options for the lids, one is a plain lid, and the other has a grid, which allows proper stacking for 1x1 bins on top of these bins.  With the newest v2.2 version, the grids now support optional label “chips”, which install between the grids and the lids.  The grids can be used without the label chips if they are not required.


Text can be added to the grid label “chips” using the text as a modifier in the slicer using BambuStudio.  The animation below shows the steps to add text to the “chips” (give it time, each step pauses for 10 sec so the text can be read).  The steps in the animation are numbered as well (in the bottom left corner).  There are additional images showing the steps to add text modifiers to create custom labels on my blog here.



Additionally, there are two latch designs included. One is a plain latch top, and the other has a flip up tab, which can help with opening the bins (see pics).

This design requires the following hardware:


(2) M3x6mm Button Head Cap Screws (BHCS) - or any M3x6 button head screws.


If using the lids with the Grid pattern, the following additional hardware is needed:


(4-6) M3x6 Flat Head Screws - M3x6 Button Head Cap Screws will also work.

Printing tips:

You can use the included 3MF which has all the models set up on 13 plates, including one multi-color option for the tabbed latches.  

If you don't use the 3MF and manually set the files up in your chosen slicer, then I suggest using the following settings:

  • Arachne wall generator 
  • 15% gyroid infill.
  • PLA or PETG for the bases and PETG for the LID, since it has an integrated spring. 
  • I used a textured PEI plate, but if you plan to use P-Touch labels, a smooth plate may work better. 

If you print the lids with the grids (to allow stacking 1x1 bins), use the models which have holes in them and “LID_GRID” in the names.  For example, these are the models needed for the 4x5 bins:




The lids with the grid patterns require the additional M3x6 flat head screws. 


If you print the tabbed latch tops, I recommend using PLA. You can use the following files:

Single Color:




Multicolor (load both files together in the slicer to maintain their relationship and answer “yes” to load them as a single object):






Assembly tips can be found in “Step 6” at the link below:


The doors and hinges are designed so they will be easier to install if the hinges are pushed into place with the door almost closed.



Other stuff:


If you need some bins for small parts, the following bins with covers are a good option to use with the Box For Stuff 20 bin and 25 bin cases (or other 6U tall cases):

  1. 1 compartment 2x1 (3U, 6U, 9U) bin with a magnet pickup tool
  2. 1x1, 1x2 (3 Compartment) and 1x4 (6Compartment) bins with lids (6U) - version 2.1
  3. 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 (6U, 9U and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.0
  4. 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 (6U, 9U and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.2
  5. 3x3, 3x4 (6U, 9U  and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.2
  6. 4x4, 4x5 (6U, 9U and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.2

If you want to check out my other Gridfinity cases, you can find them at the links below:

  1. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 20 bin (6U)
  2. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 25 bin (6U) (max size for a Bambu X1C/P1S)
  3. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 16 bin (6U) (Ender 3 size)
  4. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 16 bin - 12U deep version (Ender 3 size)
  5. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 2 bin (6U) (small test version)
  6. Gridfinity Single Watch Case 
  7. Gridfinity Triple Watch Case 



If you find these models useful, please post a like or a comment with some pics of your prints.

You can find the other things I'm working on at my blog here. You can also follow me here or on Printables to see what new stuff I post. If you would like to support my work, you can Buy Me A Coffee using this link:


Thanks for looking!


Change Log:


5/10/2024: I noticed that the 4x5 Grid was offset by 0.55mm, so updated the following files for the lids (the lids are the only part that required an updated):



The 3MF was also updated with this change.

7/4/2024: Updated to version 2.2 with new grid label “chip” option.

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