4x4 16 Bin 6U Gridfinity Box For Stuff Ver 3.3

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4x4 16 Bin 6U Gridfinity Box For Stuff Ver 3.3


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X1 Carbon

0.2mm layer, 3 walls, 12% infill
0.2mm layer, 3 walls, 12% infill
31.5 h
7 plates



This is the updated V3.3 Version of the 16 BIN (4x4) 6U Gridfinity Box for Stuff.  


All models included here were designed to fit on an Ender3 size bed (the footprint is 196x214mm).


See the 20 bin model for printing and assembly suggestions, since this version is the same, just smaller.  I have a build guide on my blog with some tips on assembly.  The instructions are for a case with more features, but it shows how to assemble the latches and hinges. 

It requires the following hardware:


(2) M3 x 12mm SHCS  (these hold the latch “cleats” to the top of the case)
(4) M3 x 20mm SHCS 
(4) M3 x 25mm SHCS  or (2) M3 x 50mm SHCS
(2) M3 x 30mm SHCS
(100) 6x2mm Cylinder Magnets - OPTIONAL (I used 6x3mm, which seem to work OK too)
(SHCS = Socket Head Cap Screws)


The only files that are different from the original design, are the parts for the top and bottom (base) of the case.  All latch, label, and handle parts are carried over unchanged from the original (but are included here for convenience).

PETG is recommended for the latches.  A 3MF 7 plate profile  (including 3 alternate plates) with modifiers is included.  It uses the following settings:

  • PLA for all parts except the latches, which are set up to use PETG, and the TPU gasket
  • 0.4mm X1 Carbon profile
  • 3 Walls
  • Arachne wall generator 
  • 12% gyroid infill (base, modifiers are included which range from 15-25%)
  • No Supports
  • Brim on several parts including the tops and bottoms of the case.  There is no Brim on the MMU version of the top.
  • Several optional multicolor parts.
  • I used a textured PEI plate for all models except for the TPU gasket, which can be printed using an Engineering plate and glue stick (as a release agent)

AMS is not required, but here is how it is set up in the profile:
1 = PLA- Gray
2 = PLA - Blue
3 = PLA - Orange
4 = PLA - White
5 = TPU - White (this is the non-AMS spool on the back)
6 =  PETG - Blue (used for the latches only) 


If printing the gasket version of the base, I recommend that you test that your printer can run TPU without issues first.  The cap of a sharpie is the tool I use to press the TPU gasket into place.  The gasket is not symmetrical so make sure to verify the position before installing it  Start by pressing in the middle of the gasket along all 4 sides, then once it's set in position, press in the corners.  


There are also two versions of the top, one is designed for an MMU/AMS and features the "Unofficial Gridfinity Logo" (or at least the best copy of it I could make of it, since the .svg's did not load correctly from github).  The other version is, you guessed it, plain with no logo, for single color printers. 


Finally, there are three versions of the labels for the front of the case.  The first is designed to be used with 12mm Brother P-Touch (or similar) labels.  The second is a multi-color label using the “Unofficial Gridfinity Logo”.   And finally, there is a plain label included, in case you want to use the slicer tools to add embossed text to it.


Update 5/4/2024: I was notified in the comments of a problem with the model (there was a hole that was partly filled in the base). I attempted to fix this yesterday by uploading a repaired 3MF profile, and thought things were good, however when I checked the models here, I found the issue was still present in the 3D preview, and the 3MF was still the old version (2M).  I'm not sure what occurred, but it was probably user error, since the raw STL files were updated here yesterday, but not the 3MF.  I was also updating the model at Printables at the time, and the files were OK over there.  I've re-uploaded the 3MF profile today with the correct version (2R), and verified the download and 3D preview show the correct version and the fix - so it should be good now.  The updated profile is named “GRIDFINITY-16BIN-6U_BFS-V3-3-Bambu-v2R.3mf”.  Thanks to user_2916867828 for letting me know about the problem.



Other stuff:

If you need some bins for small parts, the following bins with covers are a good option to use with the Box For Stuff 20 bin and 25 bin cases (or other 6U tall cases):

  1. 1 compartment 2x1 (6U) bin with a magnet pickup tool
  2. 1x1, 1x2 (3 Compartment) and 1x4 (6Compartment) bins with lids (6U) - version 2.1
  3. 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 (6U and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.0
  4. 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 (6U and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.0
  5. 3x3, 3x4 (6U and 12U) Lidded Bin for Stuff with Latch Version 2.0

If you want to check out my other Gridfinity cases, you can find them at the links below:

  1. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 20 bin (6U)
  2. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 25 bin (6U) (max size for a Bambu X1C/P1S)
  3. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 16 bin (6U) (Ender 3 size)
  4. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 16 bin - 12U deep version (Ender 3 size)
  5. Gridfinity Box For Stuff 2 bin (6U) (small test version)

Additionally, there are some alternate latch parts, which may help if you do not have the M3x30mm screws or have difficulty installing the latch “cleat”.


If you want to store some metric hardware in this, Ch3vr0n posted some segmented bins for the Gridfinity system here:


If you find these models useful, please post a like or a comment with some pics of your prints. 

You can find the other things I'm working on at my blog here.  You can also follow me here or on Printables, to see what new stuff I post.  If you would like to support my work, you can Buy Me A Coffee using this link:



Thanks for looking!

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There is a mistake in bottom part of the case. It's hole for handle.
The designer has replied
What the heck?! I will check this now, thanks for letting me know. Can it be drilled out?
Thanks for letting me know, the problem is now fixed in the current files. I hope that you can salvage the print by drilling the holes out. I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like the models were corrupted. The 3MF is also updated now with the repaired models.
Replying to @mystoopidstuff :
I'll drill it later. Thank you!
Print Profile
0.2mm layer, 3 walls, 12% infill
brilliant design
The designer has replied
Thanks! It looks like you made the 1x2 case (and it looks great). I'm actually working on a minor update to the 1x2 case design today, which will be out soon (the only change is to increase the width of the TPU gasket). But I'm also working on a remix of this case, as a watch holder, which seems like it could be more practical as a test part (though also a longer print since the watch holder is a 12U tall case).
Print Profile
0.2mm layer, 3 walls, 12% infill
user error on my part
No more