DK Riser Remix (No Vents), 40mm with a Front Switch

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Dkarjadi's DK Riser is amazing, and exactly what I would have used, however I did not want vents in my enclosure.  I'm working on a project to vent the printer using a ducted fan, so I need to minimize holes in the enclosure.  Fortunately Dkarjadi provided the STEP files, so remixing his design was an option for me.  


This version adds some additional features which take advantage of some of the space that is freed up by removing the vents.  These include:

  • A switch for the LED's on the front
  • A small label for the front, which can be customized (a blank STL and STEP are included)
  • A DC input jack on the back, and an optional fuse
  • All wiring is enclosed and covered
  • A holder for the Bambu AMS Disconnect Tool, which is the most used tool on my printer.
  • Taller at 40mm, allows me to let the Bowden tube run free (no Bowden guide needed)

The model posted here has some updates which I thought may be beneficial, after assembling and using mine.  One of the updates (the TPU top covers) however, are not tested.  The TPU top covers included here have an overlap, which should help better isolate light leaks.  This version appears to slice fine, and is included in the .3mf.  If you prefer to print a tested part, please use the TPU covers included in the original DK Riser design (which this was remixed from), since those are also compatible (I did not include those here).  If you choose to make the untested TPU top covers, please provide feedback on them.


A list of suggested parts for this can be found on my site:


This will require some soldering, and a few tools like screwdrivers, wires cutters, wire strippers, and a heat gun to shrink some heat shrink on the wires.  Superglue is also needed to secure the TPU covers, and I also dabbed a bit on the switch and the DC inlet jack to help secure them.


Included is a slide in label which says “Bambu Labs”, which seems appropriate since this is designed for the X1C, X1E and P1S.  However if you want something more unique, the STEP and STL's are included for a blank label, as well as the rest of the design as well.  If you make a label that could be useful for other folks, please post it as a remix.  


The STL's are not oriented for printing, however if you use the .3mf (which was created in OrcaSlicer), the parts are set up to print.  Note however that I did not test the 3mf (since I printed parts piecemeal to test), but I set them up as I would print them.  The .3mf has painted supports (use tree-manual) for the front right, front left, and back right corners.  The .3mf is set up to print in PETG using a an engineering plate, however I used the cool plate for the TPU parts (with some of the Bambu liquid glue as a release agent), and it worked well.  If the TPU parts stick too much, some IPA can be used as they are separated from the plate, which helps to dissolve the glue to remove them.  


If you find these models useful, please post a like or a comment with some pics of your prints. 

You can find the other things I'm working on at my blog here.  You can also follow me here or on Printables, to see what new stuff I post.  If you would like to support my work, you can Buy Me A Coffee using this link:


Thanks for looking!


The model posted here is for personal, non-commercial use only, and is being shared (for free) with the 3D printing community to help us better use our Bambu printers.  The trademarks used in this model belong to Bambu Lab.  

This remix is based on

DK Riser for BambuLab X1


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