A1/A1 Mini Extruder Icon - No Entry

A1/A1 Mini Extruder Icon - No Entry

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A1 mini
X1 Carbon

0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
35 min
1 plate



So, you want to personalize your A1 Mini a bit, do you?
Well, you've certainly come to the right place!

Presenting the A1 Mini Extruder Icons!

They spin with the extruder gear, just like the original icon!

In the following days/weeks, I will be uploading a lot of different Icons, which can be mounted to the A1 Mini Extruder.
And I've decided to the go with “external” Icons, as that provides a lot more space for being creative with the models.
It also just looks kinda cool, that they are just sticking out from the printer like that, don't you think?

Installation Guide & Explanation

Below, you'll find a guide on how to install the icon. And don't worry about removing the Window from the Front Cover. It is a non-permanent modification. You can always put the window back in.
(Bambu Lab has even uploaded their own Icon model to MakerWorld which requires window removal. So, removing the window is not damaging to the printer)


First Installation

The first installation takes the longest (although still quite straightforward and simple) - all subsequent installations are significantly easier and faster!

  1. Remove front cover
  2. Remove the original extruder icon by pulling it away, straight, from the tool head
  3. Remove window by pressing on it from the outside
    (Tip: You can attempt to simultaneously press on the inside clips (marked wiith red on the picture for this model) to make the window pop out a bit more easily)
  4. Reinstall the front cover
  5. Press your new icon through the whole, where the window used to be, and onto the metal rod, where the original icon was located. It should be a snug fit to ensure it stays in place.

It really is simple, once you try it out yourself.

Subsequent Installations/Switching Between Icons
Once you have done the first installation, switching to a different one of my Icons is extremely simple.
You don't need to remove the front panel or anything. Simply pull the current icon off the printer, and press on another one.

Simple as that! 5-10 seconds, top!

On my profile, you will find many more Icons and a Display/Holder for them - in case you decide to print multiple and need a way of storing them!
(Bonus! Depending on your printer's tolerances, the Display/Holder has a loose enough fit to make the icons spin around freely. It is quite the fidget toy! Try printing the holder for just 1 icon and have it by you at your desk. It can become quite addicting to spin the little icon around!)

The Icons themselves were created using Make My Sign in Maker Lab.
(Powered by Make My Sign from MakerWorld(makerworld.com/makerlab/MakeMySign)

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0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
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