Palladium Arc Reactor MKII For LED Lamp 001 Kit

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0.4 nozzle, PVA PETG support interface
0.4 nozzle, PVA PETG support interface
X1 Carbon, P1S, P1P, X1, X1E, A19.2 h
0.4 nozzle, normal supports
0.4 nozzle, normal supports
X1 Carbon, P1S, P1P, X1, X1E, A18.8 h

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This is an Arc Reactor model for the Bambu Lab LED Lamp 001 kit (EU/US/UK/AU/CA/JP/Global) that you can build in the comfort of your own home without being surrounded by terrorists in a dirty dark cave.


This model is also available to buy on Printables, if you like it I would be grateful if you can help support me as a creator by buying it here.


Insert the LED Lamp 001 kit into the base with the cable into the cut-out pictured on the right.

You will see ten indentations around the blueish piece, this is where the coils are held.


Angle the coils as pictured and place the correct edge in an indentation and snap it over into place.

It should look something like this when done.
In the middle section, note the four supports that have bumps on them like the one highlighted in blue to the right.
Also note the 4 vertical indentations leading up to the horizontal gap in the blue piece. These are to make insertion easier.
Align the indicated bumps and indentations and push into place.

Once it has been inserted, carefully rotate the blue piece a little so that the indentations are no longer aligned with the bumps.


Also, use this as an opportunity to push any coils that have become unsettled into place before the next step.

Note that the inner side of the coils has an edge which sticks out. The goal is to push the ring in the final step in, bending this part back temporarily so it snaps into place. I have done four of these in testing and none have broken yet…

I have tried to do this a few ways and it is easier to insert one side in first, poke around the inserted edge on either side then push the rest in.


Once you have pushed it in, poke the coils a bit so they settle in their final resting place.

Now screw the assembled top onto the base. Congratulations, you now have a working arc reactor!


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0.4 nozzle, PVA PETG support interface
Printed great and snapped together perfectly. I used a silk copper PLA for the coils, Bambu translucent blue for the main body, and Bambu ABS in grey for a nice metallic color.
The designer has replied
Thanks for posting this! I am a little jealous as I did not (and still do not) have the right colour filament for the photos. Hope you enjoy it!
Replying to @FyrbyAdditive :
It's pretty awesome, thanks for posting it! The center of the light is a bit on the bright side so I'm considering adding a diffuser or maybe a dimmer on the switch. It's also a bit taller than I expected with the body, but it's a great model that I really enjoy.
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