Counter-Strike 1.6 Bomb - Keyring

Counter-Strike 1.6 Bomb - Keyring


Print Profile(2)

A1 mini
X1 Carbon

Choose between Internal and External Keyring hole!
Choose between Internal and External Keyring hole!
2.1 h
3 plates

Cable w/ no pause - only for people with multiple AMS units!
Cable w/ no pause - only for people with multiple AMS units!
18 min
1 plate



Presenting the Counter-Strike 1.6 Bomb - now as a keyring!


This keyring is fast and easy to print and resembles the bomb from CS 1.6. It provides a nostalgic feeling and is the perfect gift idea!




Assembly is very straight forward. Simply insert the cable into the keypad, and then slide it in place on the bomb itself. This way, the cable is held tight in place, like a spring.

(Since tolerances differ between printers and filaments used, you might need to set the XY-Compensation in the slicer to something like -0,10mm , if the cable doesn't fit in the slots)



5 Colors With One AMS/AMS Lite

The cable consists of 5 colors. But very few of us have more than one AMS/AMS Lite unit.
So, we need to ‘trick’ Bambu Studio a bit here.

I have added a pause in the print after the Blue cable is printed, so the 5th color can be printed like so:

  1. Select AMS slot for the Red color.
  2. Once the print pauses, manually swap the corresponding slot on the AMS to the Red color.
  3. Hit Resume print.

So, in my example below, once the printer pauses after the Blue cable, I remove the Purple color from my AMS Lite, and I then insert the Red color in that same slot. Easy as that - it takes less than a minute!

You don't need to manually feed the filament all the way - the AMS unit will push it to the printer, once you resume the print.



For those of you with multiple AMS units, I have added a separate Print Profile for the Cable, with no pause in the G-code.





When printing the bomb, you can select either an External hole/loop or an internal hole for mounting the keyring.




My designs are not for commercial use without my permission. If you wish to use them commercially, for example in an Etsy shop, please reach out to me first.

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