Maker's Supply Creator Incentive

The creator incentives for Maker's Supply consist of two parts. The first part is the points incentive from MakerWorld. The second part is the sales commission incentive, also known as the Creator Program.

Points Incentive at MakerWorld​

Once a creator's model has activated the Bill of Materials feature, added parts, and completed publication, we will begin tracking the Downloads and Prints of the model. Corresponding points will be calculated and manually awarded to the creator. 

Stage 1 Points Award = 100 x Total price of parts in the BOM (calculated in USD)  

When the [Downloads + 2xPrints] reaches 1000, we will review the data and part compatibility of the model. After ensuring that there are no false Downloads or Prints data, and that the parts in the BOM (Bill of Materials) are compatible with the model, we will calculate Stage 1 Points and award it to the model creator. 

Stage 2 Points Award = 300 x Total price of parts in the BOM (calculated in USD)  

When the [Downloads + 2xPrints] reaches 2000, we will conduct another review. After ensuring that there are no anomalies, we will calculate Stage 2 Points and award it to the model creator.   

For example, if the total price of parts in a model's BOM is 20 USD, the Stage 1 Points Award would be 100 x 20 = 2000 points, and the Stage 2 Points Award would be 300 x 20 = 6000 points.​   

If the model already has Downloads and Prints counts before adding the BOM feature, then [Downloads+2xPrints] will be calculated as the increment in Downloads and Prints starting from when the BOM feature is added.​   

It is important to note that because both the review of model data and the compatibility of model parts are reviewed manually, and points are awarded manually, the time for points to be awarded will be a few days after the model Downloads and Prints reach each stage target. If any issues arise during the review process, we will contact the creator. 

Creator Program​

After completing both stages, models will undergo a review process. Only models that pass this review will be eligible for inclusion in the creator program. The creator program will provide individual hardware kit links for these models, which will be featured in Maker's Supply. Creators can continuously earn competitive commissions from hardware kits. The commissions are facilitated through a third-party affiliate platform, which tracks conversions from the creator's model page's tracking links to successful purchases, along with the corresponding commission rates.

 Right now, to join the Creator Program, the model needs to use parts available in Maker's Supply. If the model includes parts not found there, users might not be able to finish assembling it after buying the hardware kit. We're working hard to add more parts and options to Maker's Supply so it can support a wider range of amazing creations.  

This version of the Maker's Supply Creator Incentive rules will be in effect for three months. During this time, we will observe how it works and may make adjustments after three months. 


Q1: Why use points incentive first instead of directly joining the Creator Program for commission?​

Due to limitations with existing commission tools, we currently do not have the capability to automatically track and commission purchases of multiple parts through the BOM feature. Only when joining the Creator Program and creating individual hardware kits can commissions be realized based on actual conversion data through third-party commission platforms. Additionally, the creation of SKUs for hardware kits in the Creator Program and the configuration of third-party commission platforms are currently done manually. Therefore, we have temporarily adopted the points incentive method as a buffer for the Creator Program.​

Although direct tracking is not feasible, the points calculation formula we provide is a simplified formula that incorporates factors such as estimated conversion rates and commission rates, thus serving as an approximation of sales commission.​

Q2: How are commission rates determined for the Creator Program?​

Commission rates are evaluated based on multiple dimensions, such as the popularity of the model, novelty of the model, exclusivity of the release, the workload involved in designing the model, gross profit margins of corresponding hardware kits, market competition factors, etc. The commission rate for each Creator Program model is the result of our comprehensive evaluation. The commission rate for each Creator Program model, resulting from our comprehensive evaluation, varies from 3% to 15%.