SLAVE – Simple Lighting And Ventilation Enhancement for Enclosed BL printers

SLAVE – Simple Lighting And Ventilation Enhancement for Enclosed BL printers


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X1 Carbon

0.2mm layer, 4 walls, 15% infill
0.2mm layer, 4 walls, 15% infill
27.8 h
6 plates



SLAVE (Simple lighting and ventilation) for enclosed BL’s


This is a Simple Lighting and Ventilation Enhancement (SLAVE) for my X1C. I have used the original one for a few months with great results; this is my second version, incorporating minor enhancements. It is heavily inspired by many other such devices available in the community (search for “raiser”). I would imagine that it works with P1P, P1S, etc. but I have not tried those printers.


The SLAVE uses my favorite circular LED lamp (Details below) but it cause many such ones that can sit on top of the support. I tried using LED strips instead of(since the time I had the LACK enclosure on my MK3S) but they tended to fall off into the enclosure.


The circular lamp I have used for over a year is still available for $12 on Amazon; it provides good light distribution, it is dimmable, 5-Volt USB power, and selectable color-temperatures. (Search for 10" Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder).


STEP files are provided for modification and remixing.


About the SLAVE


  • It’s SIMPLE. No fancy profiles, no electrical installs, no extra connections, no switches or indicators;
  • It uses ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORTS to print;
  • Unmodified printing parameters except an extra wall or two: Generic filament (I used Inland and BL PETG Basic – ran out while printing this second print), 15% infill, .2mm layer, giroid or cubic adaptive. Brims are up to you and your printer. I used very wide brims out of caution for large pieces warping (yes, even PETG can warp in an X1C). I also used 4 walls, mostly out of habit;
  • It SNAPS TOGETHER without any screws, just pressure (I used .2 and .25mm clearances). I used a dab of crazy glue to fix the pins used to move the screen, but they should just snap in;
  • It’s printed in PETG. I tried to use ABS and ASA but it warps (X1C’s chamber temperature controls are a joke, and large pieces in ABS or ASA create a lot of thermal stress). Also, 70F temperature tolerance from PETG is more than enough for temperatures in my X1C chamber;
  • It prints at 100% speeds in plates that, even when heavily stocked with pieces, take under 5 hours to print each (4 hours using .6 nozzle). It will still take you a couple days to print all pieces: the darn thing is large because the X1C is large;
  • The lamp support looks gnarly, but it works well and requires no modification to the lamp;
  • Low profile. It adds less than 50mm (2 inches) between a vanilla AMS and vanilla X1C. Why low profile? Because anything that raises the center of gravity of the printer + AMS tower is probably a bad idea, considering the vibrations they naturally produce. I used just enough space to put the light inside, and a little clearances for the PFTE tube never to have a reason to interact with the lamp.


The STEP file is included: mix, commercial use allowed. As a matter of copyright (but mostly for courtesy) attribution of the source of the design is requested. And don’t forget to share your enhancements with others.

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SLAVE – Simple lighting and ventilation for enclosed BL’s_5bcffee3-09ab-4b98-8cc4-6990552da332.pdf

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Print Profile
0.2mm layer, 4 walls, 15% infill
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