Bambu Labs X1C Spare Parts Case (Box For Stuff)

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When I bought my X1C, I picked up some spares, and a few more since, so I needed a place for them.  I really like some of the spares cases already available, but I also enjoy designing, so I tried my hand at making a case to store my spare parts.  As the project developed, I realized that the case could be used for a number of different things, so I plan to release a Gridfinity version soon.  


This case design is based largely on my Box For Stuff V1.0.  Version 2.0 of that basic case is on the way, with improvements already integrated into this Bambu Spares Case design.  Additionally, this case uses some remixed parts from Mr Sullivan's awesome Accessory Storage Case.  Specifically, this uses the holders for the full, and partial hot ends.  There are some changes to the holding tabs as well from Mr Sullivan's design.


This spares case is designed for the X1C, however it will work just fine with an X1E, P1P or P1S since all the spare parts should fit.  There are currently no labels for the P1P, P1P or X1E yet, but I will include the template models as STEP files, in case somebody wants to make a label.  Otherwise I may add those labels later, if they are requested.


There are two versions of the top, one designed with a TPU gasket, and the other which does not have the gasket, just print the version you plan to use.  I've tested both designs (on this and other prototype cases), and the TPU gasket will not make it water tight, there are too many variables to that.  I think the gasket helps though.  But don't expect to dunk this case, and have everything stay dry.  If anyone has a suggestion on the gasket design, let me know, and I may try updating the gasket, it if water tightness can be improved (depending on complexity of the changes).


I printed my prototype case in PETG, and that is what I suggest using, since PLA may be a bit brittle for some of the tabs and printed springs which retain the various parts.


.3mf Files are included:

The .3mf files which were generated with OrcaSlicer, and use a 0.4mm nozzle.  They are set up to help with printing:


1. Bambu_ToolKit-7D_NO_PRIME_TOWER.3mf 

This file includes all the parts except for the labels and SD inserts.  This includes several 2 color parts, which will need either a color swap or the AMS.  I suggest running this without a prime tower for the reasons explained above.


2. Bambu_ToolKit-7D_LABELS_AND_INSERTS_FOR_AMS.3mf   

This file includes all the labels and SD card inserts, which require the AMS.  The prime tower can be used normally on these.  You can change the AMS colors and delete any items which are not going to be used from the build plate, before printing this one.  For reference, my AMS was set up with the following colors when I set this file up:

  1. White PETG
  2. Blue PETG
  3. Orange PETG
  4. Gray PETG
  5. Black TPU (this one does not use the AMS and needs to be run from the spool holder)


If printing without using the included Orcaslicer .3mf files, the following may help:

These models are designed to print without supports.  The parts will need to be oriented in the slicer for printing.

The print settings I used are the OrcaSlicer defaults, with the following changes:


Strength > Infill > Sparse Infill Pattern > Gyroid

Support > Type > Tree (manual)

For the TOP and BOT(tom) parts, I also recommend disabling the prime tower.  It will waste a bit more material, but since these parts take up most of the build area, there is no room for the prime tower.  The AMS is only required on the first several layers of these parts anyway.

Under Process “Global” > Others > Prime Tower > Enable (uncheck)

For the labels and inserts which use the AMS, the prime tower can be used without an issue.


The following parts will need to be printed in multiples (quantities are in “( )”):

(2) Bambu_ToolKit-7D_TOP_CLEAT.stl
(4) Bambu_ToolKit-7D_TOP_DOOR_LATCH_UPPER.stl
(4) Bambu_ToolKit-7D_TOP_DOOR_LATCH_LOWER.stl



Tips on building it:

I recommend using safety glasses since there are a few parts that must snap in place.  You can find a build guide for this on my website here:


This will require some M3 hardware to assemble.  Specifically, it requires the following screws:

(8) M3 x 6mm BHCS

(7) M3 x 10mm SHCS

(2) M3 x 14mm SHCS

(8) M3 x 20mm SHCS

(4) M3 x 25mm SHCS

(2) M3 x 30mm SHCS

BHCS = Button Head Cap Screws

SHCS = Socket Head Cap Screws


If you find these models useful, please post a like or a comment with some pics of your prints. 


You can find the other things I'm working on at my blog here.  You can also follow me here or on Printables, to see what new stuff I post.  If you would like to support my work, you can Buy Me A Coffee using this link:

Thanks for looking!


The model posted here is for personal, non-commercial use only, and is being shared (for free) with the 3D printing community to help us organize our Bambu printer stuff (so we can get it all together, and put in this box…all the stuff…so it's together).  The trademarks used in this model belong to Bambu Lab.  

This remix is based on

Box For Stuff (BFS) v1.0MyStoopidStuff
Optimized Bambu Lab Accessory Storage CaseMr. Sullivan


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This looks amazing but for the life of me I can't find where to download the little doors for the top half of the box. Do I have the 3D printing version of "Fridge Blindness"? Hope you can point the way.

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