Goku Punching Lightbox

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Goku Punching Lightbox


Print Profile(1)

X1 Carbon

0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 10% infill
0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 10% infill
4.9 h
1 plate



Goku Punching Lightbox


Like most of my lightboxes it has a short top and tall bottom. This allows for less waist if you get those pesky whisp or random issue.


I have also included 2 ways to load the files.



The STL's do not include Wall hanging hole or holes for the socket.


Load all (Except bottom) STL's at one time. It will ask “Load these files as a single object with multiple parts?”. Click yes. Than right click on each object and click the color for that object.


Bambu Studio Files

Included is the studio print profile files. I separate the studio print profiles between bottom and top. I print the bottom a lot faster and with a bigger nozzle.

On the back in the studio file is a hole to hang and a hole for a light plug (8.2mm) on the side using negative parts. These holes are not visible till you slice. The negative parts can be deleted if you would only like one or the other or neither. It is also possible to move these objects if you wish.


Colors used


Beige - Bambu Beige

Grey - Bambu Matte Ash Grey

Orange - Bambu Basic Orange

Red - Bambu Matte Scarlette Red

Blue - Bambu Basic Blue

Black - Elegoo Rapid Black Pla Plus

White - Elegoo PLA white




Below are links to Items I use for my Light boxes. They are affiliate links but I do use them often.

LED's I use

Plugs I use

Power Socket I use

Inline Switch I use

Reflective Tape I use


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Commercial license

As of 2/25/24 my designs are no longer allowed to be sold commercially.

Do you want to sell prints of this model or any of my models? You can purchase commercial licensing at Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee. Earring Commercial Liscence is just $3 a month. A full commercial license for all of my designs is just $7 a month.


Video on How to run lights in a lightbox

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