Mini Fold-Flat Crate Kit - Filament Hinge

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Mini Fold-Flat Crate Kit - Filament Hinge


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X1 Carbon

0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
1.7 h
1 plate



Introducing the "Mini Fold-Flat Crate Kit," a charmingly miniature and functional storage solution that's perfect for desktop organization, model making, or simply as a unique decorative item. This 3D-printed kit is designed for ease of assembly, with filament hinges that bring the crate to life.


Kit Card Convenience: Each component of the crate is neatly arranged on a kit card, ready to be easily removed and assembled.

Filament Hinge Design: The crate's sides are hinged with durable filament pieces, allowing it to fold flat or expand into a box shape as needed.

Snap-Fit Assembly: The pieces are engineered to snap together securely, requiring no glue or tools for assembly.

Compact Size: Once assembled, the crate is small enough to fit on any desk, shelf, or workstation, keeping your space clutter-free.

Versatile Use: Whether you're storing paper clips, crafting supplies, or using it as a dollhouse accessory, this mini crate is as functional as it is cute.


Assemble your own Mini Fold-Flat Crate today and enjoy the practicality and satisfaction of creating your own miniature storage solution!

Assembly Instructions

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Filament pieces
  • Side pieces, bottom, and top of the crate from the kit card
  • Cutting tool for trimming filament

Step 1: Assemble the Sides

  • Take the two side pieces and position them so that the holes for the hinge pins line up.
  • Thread a piece of filament through the aligned holes of both side pieces to form the hinge.
  • Trim the excess filament from both ends to ensure it does not protrude from the sides. Be careful to cut it flush with the edge of the crate sides. Repeat this process for both sets of side pieces.

Step 2: Attach Sides to Bottom and Top

  • Align the bottom piece's hinge slots with the filament hinges you've just created on the side pieces.
  • Carefully insert the filament through the side pieces and into the bottom piece to connect them. Trim excess filament as before.
  • Attach the top piece to the opposite ends of the side pieces using the same filament method.


Step 3: Secure the Side Pieces

  • Finally, attach the remaining side pieces to complete the crate.
  • Use the filament pieces to hinge these at the corners where they meet the already attached sides.
  • Once all sides are in place and the filament is trimmed, your crate should be able to fold and unfold freely.

Your miniature folding crate is now ready to use! It should neatly fold and unfold, providing a cute and practical storage option for small items. Enjoy your new, hand-assembled crate!

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