Community Guidelines

MakerWorld has established a comprehensive set of Community Guidelines that clearly define the types of content that are prohibited on our platform. These guidelines cover all types of content, including models, print profiles, comments, links, and thumbnails. To ensure compliance, we use a combination of human reviewers and machine learning algorithms, applying these guidelines equally to all users, regardless of their background, political viewpoint, position, or affiliation.

Our primary objective in implementing these policies is to foster a safe and inclusive community on MakerWorld. We aim to strike a balance between maintaining a safe environment and allowing creators the freedom to share a diverse range of experiences and perspectives.

Full list of our Community Guidelines

  • Spam & deceptive practices
    • Fake engagement
    • Impersonation
    • External links
    • Spam, deceptive practices & scams
    • Playlists
    • Additional policies
  • Sensitive content
    • Child safety
    • Thumbnails
    • Nudity and sexual content
    • Suicide and self-harm
    • Vulgar language
  • Violent or dangerous content
    • Harassment and cyber bullying
    • Harmful or dangerous content
    • Hate speech
    • Violent criminal organizations
    • Violent or graphic content
  • Regulated goods
    • Firearms
    • Sale of illegal or regulated goods or services
  • Misinformation
    • Misinformation
  • Please select the correct upload type for your models   
    • Models that belong to another creator but are uploaded as "Original" will be taken down.
    • Models that only have slight variations but are uploaded as "Remix" will be taken down. Such models should be uploaded as "Share".
    • We noticed that some models were uploaded as "Original" but described as "Remix" in model names or descriptions. Such models will be taken down because they should be uploaded as "Remix".
  • Please follow the license requirements of the original model
    • If a model that doesn't allow sharing is shared, this model will be taken down.
    • If a model that doesn't allow remixing is remixed, this model will be taken down.
    • If the original creator has other requirements, please follow the requirements.
  • We may take down bad-quality models and print profiles. Quality problems include but are not limited to:
    • The model and print profile don't match.
    • Meaningless model and print profile.
    • The model can not be opened or properly printed.
    • The model or print profile contains offensive, illegal, or violent content.
  • Do not repeatedly upload the same model.
  • Do not use other people's profile pictures, names, or descriptions. Such accounts may be disabled.
  • Do not post advertising information on your account name, description, pictures, etc.
  • Please refrain from repeatedly uploading print profiles that belong to other individuals.
  • Print profiles must be printed before making them public. We also require print profile creators to include their own actual print images along with their print profiles to demonstrate print-ability.
  • When publishing a public model under the CC0 license, you are required to include your own image of the actual print to show its print-ability.
  • When uploading adult content, please ensure that you select the NSFW (Not Safe for Work) tag.
  • If our moderators detect account behavior related to getting points inappropriately, the accounts may be disabled.

Account Suspension and Termination

If our reviewers determine that the content violates our Community Guidelines, we will promptly remove the content and issue a warning notification to the creator on each occasion.

Accounts that repeatedly violate our policies, such as by plagiarizing others' models or uploading illegal content models that violate our Community Guidelines, as well as engaging in inappropriate behavior or using offensive language within the community, may face suspension or termination of their account.

However, creators have the option to appeal any suspension or termination if they believe that a mistake has been made, and our teams will conduct a thorough re-evaluation of the decision.

Appeal for Account Termination

You can appeal the account termination decision by sending an email to

The email needs to include the following information:

  • Profile name
  • Email address you use to sign in to your MakerWorld account
  • Reasons for account termination
  • Reasons for appeal (Please briefly explain why you think your account was banned in error. Be sure to review Community Guidelines before submitting your appeal.)