Morefine M600 cooling + wireless antenna mods

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Morefine M600 cooling + wireless antenna mods


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X1 Carbon

0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 10% infill
0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 10% infill
4.7 h
4 plates

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This mod is trying to bring the Morefine M600 (tested on my 7840HS version) to its full potential while remaining beginner friendly (no tools required other than a 3D printer and a credit card)

  • The CPU cooler is replaced with an ID-Cooling IS-30i for improved cooling and silence (which will allow you to set the CPU TDP to 54W max)
  • The 2.5" SSD is moved a bit higher to make room for the CPU cooler's backplate
  • The small fan is placed a bit higher and now has an external exhaust which allows to use the stock RAM radiators
  • Stock antenna is replaced by external antennas to greatly extend bluetooth range (range went from barely 1 meter to "almost anywhere in my house"). It should help WiFi as well but I haven't been able before/after to confirm since it's plugged into my Ethernet network.

Required material :

  1. A Morefine M600 mini-PC. You'll find them on the brand's website (they seem overpriced at other stores)
  2. Print Bottom Plate + Bottom + Upper + one of the Cover files with supports enabled for the upper element (and multicolor for the cover if you wish). I recommend PETG both for heat resistance and for its bending resistance for parts that will clip into each other.
  3. Cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) to glue bottom+upper elements together (they clip into each other to make glue'ing easier but the fit isn't solid until glue'd)
  4. An IS-30i cooler : Aliexpress link
  5. An external antenna : this one or that one (any antenna with connectors for M.2 Wifi cards will be fine)
  6. 3mm silicone spacers that will go between the motherboard and cooler's backplate (something like this or anything else made for M3 screws - I had antivibration pads for 3.5" HDDs in my spare computer stuff that I cut to 3mm high) to bring the cooler close enough to the CPU.

Mods steps :

  1. Remove bottom plate, top plate (with its antennas) and default cooler (one screw might be hidden behind a warranty label)
  2. Clean existing thermal paste and apply the best one you have
  3. Place the backplate (the one that fits out of the 2 shipped with the fan) with the silicone spacers (so it ends 3mm further from the motherboard than it would be on a desktop machine) and screw the IS-30i cooler in. It should be a tight fit
  4. Connect the fan to the power and you can now place the printed bottom cover, we're done with that side.
  5. Put the top element in place while having the antenna cables, small fan and SATA connector going through the right holes
  6. Clip it until it's firmly in place. You shouldn't need to screw it for it to remain in place, but you can use 2-3mm screws if uncertain
  7. Connect in that order : antennas > small fan > 2.5" SSD
  8. Clip the cover on top

BIOS steps :

  1. To be completed a bit later, I need to run some tests before recommending my settings

TODO for mod improvments :

  1. Redesign bottom plate to allow a dust filter to be placed and a riser (to keep decent airflow) for those that would place it on a flat surface. I'm waiting on my dust filter order to come in to get on that part
  2. Create a custom shelf that can be screw inside furniture to hide the mini-PC inside !


My go-to filament for these functionnal prints : SUNLU White/Black PETG from Aliexpress (buy when the price is below 10€ per roll - it was recently seen around 8€/roll)

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