Zelda Mirror of Twilight LED .2 Mechanical Spinner

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Zelda Mirror of Twilight LED .2 Mechanical Spinner


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A1 mini
X1 Carbon

3 Plates, all the pieces, 100mm diameter
3 Plates, all the pieces, 100mm diameter
11.3 h
3 plates



The Mirror of Twilight from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, in mechanized spinner form.


Rather than extrude an image, I recreated the shapes tweaking some line weights and proportions to optimize for printing. This time I gave it some depth and some spacing between the rings aligning with the in game animation, and stuck some gears in it to recreate it as a hands free mechanical spinning thing to get lost staring into and potentially wind up in the Twilight Realm.


Not only does this take advantage of the tiny 0.2mm nozzle for the mirror pattern, but it's necessary for the tiny gears to keep this whole thing the size it is. In addition to the printed parts, I also used the motor that came with the Bambu engine kit, plus the light that came with the Bambu light kit, with the hopes that those would be far easier to get here than any of the other similar random components I have laying around.


3 plate since I just have the Mini right now, but all the parts may fit on one plate on the larger machines. All the colors are set and some unique parameters per parts to print properly.



  • Glue the thin white spacers onto the flats of the ring gears. I made these spacers so the mirror segments wouldn't contact the adjacent ring gear segments while rotating since some overlap due to keeping the small gears all the same size. This way you also don't need to use a super thin layer of supports anywhere. Try your best to keep them concentric with the ring gears for best operation.
  • Glue the mirror segments onto the ring gears, again, trying your best to keep them concentric.
  • Slide the small gears one by one into the center base hole and slot, then add the gear box over them, and pop it into the four holes in the base plate. You may want to take a knife and gently cut around the four base plate holes to make inserting the gear box legs easier. It should be tight but not too tight so you can't remove it - which you probably wouldn't find out until after the fact…
  • Place the four ring gears into the base, starting with the center.
  • Push the motor output shaft into the only accessible gear through the back of the gear box.
  • Turn on a light behind the contraption
  • Stare at it, idk

The end result may be a bit wobbly as this was my first time designing anything with gears, the light output isn't necessarily stellar, I still need to make a proper housing which I didn't get to in time, found some other improvements I can make as updates or for v2. But hey, I'm proud of this one, think it's pretty neat, and I really hope you will too.


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