Bambu Lab X1C refillable basket for HEPA Filter Version 2

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0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
X1 Carbon, P1S, P1P, X1, X1E, A141 min

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  • Please read the instruction guide below.
  • Download the 3mf file if you are using a Bambu slicer. Download the stl if you are using other slicers.
  • IMPORTANT! I double-checked and tested the print profiles I created. Therefore, I will only take feedback and update those profiles. Profiles created and uploaded by other has nothing to do with me and if it breaks your printer. It's on you. I do my due diligence, and so must you. That is the minimum effort an individual ought to take if they want to get into 3D printing.

UPDATE 03 Sep 2022

Version 2 - I have resized the box size to 82mm x 48.6mm x 29mm (LXBXH) for better fitting and reduce air bypassing the filter. I have kept 2 sharp corners so that the seam can be placed there to improve the print finish. Print with 3 walls and a much slower first layer.

Removed magnet closure to make it easier to print. keep the cover sealed with tape when used.

Added a hole on one side for users to use a tweezer or 2mm allen key to hook it out.



This is a basket/box for refilling your own HEPA filter. The lid can be secured with some tape on both sides There is a magnet on one side to remove the box easily.

The basket outer size has is 83x 50x30mm and 82x48.6x29mm (LXBXH). Do check against your existing filter opening.

You can use a Cut-To-Fit HEPA filter which you have to cut it to a size of 79.6x46.2x25mm (LXBXH)

This is not for activated carbon pellets.


The measurement of the basket was based on the Bambu Activated Carbon Air Filter in my X1C. Please be careful when opening the enclosure cover to the filter. Do it gently with some patience. Don't say I didn't warn you.


To date, my designs are free to download and use. There is no Patreon or OnlyFan (hahaha). If you like my designs and wish to contribute to my coffee addiction & help fund the filaments and materials needed for prototyping, a donation of $5-$10 to Ko-fi or will be greatly appreciated.



As with all my designs, Prototyping and testing were conducted to ensure printability and meet my own expectations. However, I understand it may and may not work for you. I would request that you read all instructions and print and install them at your own discretion.


This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution

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0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
The lid needs work and doesn't fit as snuggly in the enclosure as I would like.
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0.2mm layer, 2 walls, 15% infill
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