Valentine's Heart Box (Print-in-place) - With Arrow!

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Heart Box - Different text options & 1 plain + Arrow
Heart Box - Different text options & 1 plain + Arrow
A1 mini, P1S, P1P, X1, X1 Carbon, X1E, A16.1 h

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What better way to give your Valentine a gift, than with this cute Heart Gift Box?
The box itself is print-in-place, so no assembly required here!
The arrow, however, is assembled by simply snapping the pieces together. Easy as that!
One of the main reasons I chose to design an arrow, was to enable to box to stand on its own.


The box is supposed to shut somewhat tightly together, to ensure it stays shut while standing. Your printer's tolerances may vary, so please let me know, if the tolerance is too tight or too loose. Then I will create a version with a different fitment :-)


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