Specific Guidelines
  1. 1. Upload your original 3D models to MakerWorld in .3MF or .STL format. Including a Print Profile with your model can help you gain more Likes and Downloads.
  2. 2. Upload your original 3D models within the Contest Period.
  3. 3. Each model must be printable on an FDM printer.
  4. 4. Include photos or renderings of the model(s), preferably showcasing actual makes of the model.
  5. 5. Write a model description.
  6. 6. After uploading your models, navigate to the Contest page and select "Join the Contest".
  7. 7. Click the "Compete" button for the models you wish to enter into the contest.
  8. 8. Each contestant will be allowed up to 5 entries per contest. Uploads exceeding this limit will result in failure to join the contest.
  9. 9. Models identified as irrelevant to the contest theme will be removed from the contest page and result in a 100 point deduction.
Judging Criteria

Ineligible Models

  1. 1. Models that have already received rewards from the MakerWorld 3D Design Contest.
  2. 2. Old models, i.e., models that were published before the Contest Period.
  3. 3. Models uploaded as Remix and Share will be ineligible to be considered for winning.

Tips for Creating a Winning Model

  1. 1. Be creative and original! The judges will be looking for models that are unique and eye-catching.
  2. 2. Make sure your model is well-designed and easy to print.
  3. 3. Take clear and detailed photos or renderings of your model.
  4. 4. Write a descriptive and informative model description. Provide assembly instructions if needed.
  5. 5. Create something popular. Consider what other people would find useful or interesting.
Terms and Conditions
  1. 1. By entering the contest, you agree to keep your model posted on MakerWorld for at least until the end of the review period. Once the results are announced, all winning models must remain on MakerWorld for at least one year. If any winning models are removed before the end of that year, the MakerWorld team reserves the right to repost it.
  2. 2. Please ensure that the model you upload is your original creation and refrain from reposting models from other websites.
  3. 3. We have the right to terminate or modify the competition's conditions at any time. If the terms and conditions are violated or if fraud is attempted, the competitor will be disqualified.
  4. 4. Submitting entries that do not meet the contest theme will result in disqualification, and repeated offenses may disqualify you from future contests.
  5. 5. The judges' decisions are final and at their discretion.
  6. 6. Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the activity in any manner.